Monday, January 30, 2012

Making a list and checking it (off) twice...

So, this weekend was VERY productive in terms of checking off some "to-do's" from my long and continuosly expanding (thanks to my wedding blog stalking) wedding checklist.  I accomplished the following: (1) designed our invitations; (2) designed our save the dates; (3) made a sample bridesmaid bouquet; (4) started making our favors (which isn't exactly going the way I hoped, but, I'm trying out some possibilities and wishing for the best); and (5) made the most adorable heart wreath to hang from our sweetheart table.  I am feeling VERY satisfied with my, if only Monday and a little thing called work didn't come back around. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. 

Oh, and just to brag...I also channeled my inner domestic goddess and whipped up some delish meals, I'll post about them in my next post.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cake or no cake?

I am just not sold on the idea of wedding cake - I know, I know, crazy, right? Maybe it's because I never really eat the cake at weddings or because they are so darn expensive, but, whatever the reason, I am envisioning a dessert bar for our wedding. I mean like cookies, rice crispie treats, banana pudding cups, pie, brownies, etc., etc., I think it sounds like a splendid idea, don't you? Inspiration from here:

and here:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Holy heck it's been a minute....

So, who would have thought that the day after my last blog post would become one of the best days of my life?? Seriously, who would have thought? Well, it was because (drum roll, please) ..... I got engaged, ya'll! It went a little something like this:

Marisa and Justin recently remodeled and moved into the home that Justin's maternal grandparents built in the 1960's.  Needless to say, their evenings and weekends consisted of working on the house.  Marisa and Justin usually had "date night" on Wednesday nights, but, due to the work on the house they hadn't had a "date night" in a while.  So, the Tuesday before Justin proposed he asked Marisa if she wanted to do a date night that week.  Marisa had an event to go to after work on Wednesday, so, they decided on Thursday instead and that their date night would consist of driving out to the beach and watching the sunset and then heading to a local sushi restaurant.  Marisa always thought she would know when Justin was going to propose because he tends to sweat a little more and get a little flushed when he is nervous - so, she was not expecting that this would be the day that Justin would ask her to be his wife.  They headed out to the beach and although Justin drove past the street that they typically turn down to go to the beach, Marisa was none the wiser.  Marisa and Justin walked out to the beach, sat down on the sand, and talked, mostly about things they still needed to work on at the house.  After awhile, Justin asked Marisa if she was getting hungry and she responded that she was, so they decided they would leave and head to sushi.  Justin got up first and helped Marisa up, once Marisa was up, Justin asked Marisa if she realized where they were and he pointed to a tiki bar that was near a house on the beach.  At once Marisa realized that they were near the house where their mutual friend had his graduation party last June and on the beach where Marisa and Justin had talked all night.  Marisa said to Justin "oh my gosh, it's where Josh had his party" and she turned back around to face Justin and found him down on one knee with a ring in his hand.  Marisa and Justin don't really remember what all was said after that, but, it obviously involved "i love you's," "will you marry me?," and "yes." 

Taken right off of our wedding, isn't that sweet :) So, really, this whole engagement/wedding planning thing is very time consuming and the real reason I haven't been blogging. But, I have so much to tell you and share with you, and really, to get back to one of the main reasons for starting this blog, so much to get out of my head!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year...and look out for more posts, likely to be about guessed stuff! Wedding planning can really take over your entire being, but, you know what??? I wouldn't change it for the world - so excited to be Mrs. Powers, oh, in, about 283 days...just sayin!......AHHH, I need to get back to planning....