Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fashion Insecurity.

So, ever since I started my new job,  I've had a serious case of fashion insecurity, or, basically, feeling insecure about the "trendy" way that I dress.   At my first job, there were girls my age and we all dressed similar.  At my second job, I was the only female attorney for the longest time, so, there wasn't really anyone else to compare myself to.  At my current job, I am the youngest female attorney.  Now, I'm not saying that the other women at my office do not dress well, I'm simply saying that I dress different.   This office is not one where you have to wear a suit everyday (thank the lord), but you are expected to dress in a professional manner (obvs!).  My outfits basically consist of black pants or khaki pants, cute top, cardigan, shift dresses, and skirts, the majority of which I purchased from Ann Taylor Loft.  Typically, I throw in some trendy jewelry and/or shoes, and I am out the door.  But, case in point, today I am wearing these:

These are super cute shoes that I got from Shoe Dazzle (Kim K's shoe society).  They have a higher heel and the gold studs are amazing!  I am wearing them with a cream colored shift dress and I think the outfit is perfect for work and for the awards dinner I have to go to tonight....BUT, I feel so uncomfortable! I feel like all eyes are on me and my shoes.  I've tried to feel some of the staff ladies out about their thoughts on my dress and they all tell me how much they love it and that a prior attorney who use to work here and who was my age also dressed "trendy." So, I guess I should just let it go? But, I can't. So, once again I'm at work, shoes shoved under a desk, and trying to make the least amount of out-of-office trips possible.  Boo!


  1. LOL! Once you have been there longer, you will get over the insecurity and actually embrace it. I was at a closing last year, and actually received an award for the best shoes - seriously, the RBC Bank lady made me an award and presented it to me in front of everyone, including Bernice, my managing partner (who has awesome shoes and was probably secretly wondering how she was not selected). I have the award on my office bookshelf, and to this day, the RBC folks tease me about it. The same lady will be attending a closing in a few months, and she has already put me on warning that she bought a new pair of shoes for the closing in hopes of getting the award. Guess I better get busy drafting up a cute award to present to her :)

  2. That's awesome and makes me feel so much better! You will have to show me which pair of your fabulous shoes earned you the award!

  3. Funny you should ask, because it's a cute pair of black BCBG pumps with gold rivets, which have been touched up with a Sharpie from time to time. I should retire them, but they are so darn cute. Like I said, it runs in the blood :)