Wednesday, March 23, 2011 $25 Certificate for only $2

I bought two $25 gift certificates to Ezra's for a total of $7.00!
This super deal courtesy of

Everything is 80% off on again!!  This *super* deal goes through Sunday, March 27th!  Use the code DEAL to get this great discount!!

Never used before? sells gift certificates for local restaurants in your area. Just enter your zip code and it will find a HUGE list of qualifying restaurants within a 25 -50 mile span. When you find a restaurant you are interested in, select the gift certificate amount you want to purchase. Enter the code DEAL into your cart. gift certificates are basically high value coupons. With the 80% off sale, you will spend $2 on the downloadable gift certificate to get a $25 certificate off a $35 total order. So, if you choose “Giordano’s” and select the $25.00 off a $35.00 order gift certificate, you will be able to print the certificate out immediately after purchasing it and use it right away. Best of all, you will get $35.00 worth of food for $10.00 (plus the $2 fee for the gift certificate)!!  Just be aware that they include the gratuity up front on the bill. This is an excellent way to try local restaurants *super* cheap.

*Note: Watch the address and make sure the restaurant is the location you wanted!**

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