Friday, March 11, 2011

I Heart Home Goods.

Home Goods is AmAzInG! I only go every couple of months because the closest one is in Sarasota, so, it's a bit of a hike - but, like most stores I go into I am sure to find somethin' that I need or want! I ventured on down to HG last Saturday and picked up a few  lot of things.... but, by Sunday I was having some SERIOUS buyer's remorse, and, by Monday I had returned quite a few items (insert sad face here). However, these lovelies made the cut and have found their forever home with moi:

1. Rabbit platter - Easter goodness.

2. Hurricane vase (I don't know if technically that's what it's called) - perfect for year round/all season decorating! I'm envisioning it being full of pastel colored eggs for Easter.

3. Ribbon bowl - once again, perfect for year round/all season decorating! Yellow, pink, purple print ribbon for Easter? Yes, please.

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