Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Couponing" - I think that's what those crazy kids are calling it these days.

I've recently started "couponing," and of course, like any other thing that I start doing, it has become a tad bit of an obsession.  I spend 3-4 hours a week scouring the web for  websites containing printable coupons, signing up for newsletters for the makers of the products that I love, and perusing these two sites: and  I've also signed up to have the Sunday paper delivered to my house, and even took the time to create a coupon database in excel (I'm serious, ask J).  Oh, and I may have purchased the cutest fabric coupon organizer from Etsy :).  Sunday was the first day that I actually put my couponing to test (sans cute fabric organizer because it hasn't arrived yet) and I saved about $30.00 just from the coupons alone (I saved about another $30.00 by taking advantage of some great deals at Publix). Now, it did take about 30 minutes longer to shop because I had to try to match up my coupons with the best deals, about 10 minutes longer to check out, and I can't say that the cashier, coincidentally named Marisa, was exactly thrilled with me...oh, and I may have had some major anxiety over the fear that my coupons would be rejected....but, in the end, I survived and saved 30 bucks.  Side note: two things that irritate me about couponing in Florida stores: (1) no double/triple coupons and (2) no coupon cards that you can load electronically. Boo!

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  1. It's a sickness that runs in our genes - we love a good deal! No use trying to fight it, cuz. Me myself (hehehe - the use of "me myself" was so random...have never said it but all of a sudden have the urge to say it all the time or maybe just write it in your blog comments..anyway, where has I), I have a hard time turning down a good mail coupon, especially AT, BR and Publix. I'm not yet actively into couponing, but may investigate this further. Happy Shopping!