Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Use #10001 for a Sharpie.

I am extremely hard on my shoes, it's probably becase I walk like I'm an 800 pound person (or, so I've been told by my mom).  This is obviously why I have to buy shoes so often (duh)... ha ha ha, nice try, huh??? Well, given my propensity to get my heel stuck in sidewalk/driveway crevices on a weekly basis, I've realized that a good ol' sharpie marker keeps my heels looking a lil' newer, a lil' longer. I simply color in the scuffed part with a sharpie and I am good to go.  Love you, sharpie!

I had to do this after getting my heel stuck in a crevice in my driveway this morning - it was so bad that I actually had to pry the heel of my cute, black, bow-tie shoe out of said crevice, leaving the heel in pretty bad shape.  Black sharpie to the rescue!

P.S. Apparently use #10002 is out there as well:

Yep, that's right a Lamborghini Gallardo done in sharpie markers (courtesy of

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