Friday, March 16, 2012

Wedding ain't easy.

4.5 months into my engagement and 7.5 months away from my wedding, I think I've felt every possible emotion from sheer happiness to intense sadness and frustration.  Based upon recent events that I'm not going to go into, it looks like some way, some how, JWP and I will be paying for the majority of the wedding.  Honestly, I just don't know how we are going to pull it off, but, I'm thinking positively, praying to God, and continuing to just keep on keeping on.  The recent turn of events got me thinking about what I would have done differently, as far as wedding planning, if I knew that JWP and I were going to be footing the majority of the bill. I always toyed with the idea of a destination wedding, or, eloping and then having a party after the fact, or having a very small, intimate wedding; however, I was always told that these weren't options.  So, instead, I began making arrangements to have a traditional wedding and with that came the stressing about how the costs were going to be shared and having the uncomfortable money talk with the parents.  Then came a period of calm because we thought we had everything figured out, so we booked the venue, booked the photographer, paid deposits - and 4.5 months later, everything changed.  While I am still very excited about the wedding that JWP and I have planned, I can't help but think that we should have taken the time to really think about what we wanted and not what was expected of us, because at the end of the day, it's our day. So now, we will continue to take it day by day and make cuts where we can, save as much as we can, and try to pull everything off - but, the idea of eloping, going on a honeymoon, and then having a celebratory party after the fact is still a faint thought in my head.


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