Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The funny thing about time.'s a word that can make you happy, sad, paranoid, frustrated. It's a word that can help you deal with a bad situation and a word that can make you realize how different your life has become from others in your life.  Right now, I have so many feelings about the word "time."
  • I am happy that I am one day closer to the time that JWP and I are heading to NJ to hang with the Mondrinos family and celebrate the sweetest lil' girl's 1st birthday;
  • I am happy that I am one month closer to the time that I leave for the girl's SoBe trip, but, I am frustrated that there is still so much time left before we go;
  • I am sad that time seems to go so quickly and that I feel like the days are just passing me by;
  • I am paranoid that I am not going to bill enough time by the end of the month to get my mid-year bonus;
  • I am frustrated at myself that I wait until the last day of every month to put my time in for the entire month;
  • I am so thankful for the time that I've had over the past several months to grow and become a stronger person;
  • I am surprised by how time has made me rethink some of the relationships in my life because I've realized how little I have in common with some people.
Time, what a mixed-bag of emotions it is.

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