Friday, June 3, 2011

Laptop Yoga, anyone?

So, for a couple of months now I've been thinking about joining a local yoga studio.  It's about $100 for 10 sessions, which isn't bad.  But, then I got to thinking that I would like to be able to do yoga on my own time and that the likelihood of me making it to a Saturday morning yoga flow class was not very promising. So, I started searching for a good yoga DVD...unsuccessful...however, during my search I came across a couple of yoga/pilates websites that either allow you to become a member and stream  or download yoga/pilates classes to your computer for a reasonable fee per month or, even better, let you purchase yoga/pilates videos for about $4-$5 that you can watch for ever and ever.  The best one that I saw was the Yoga Download site.  I purchased 3 videos (yoga/pilates fusion, yoga sculpt, and chakra balancing) and I love them! So, go get your yoga on from the comforts of your own home...oh, and I used the code Survey20p and got 20% off of my order...holla!


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