Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baking up a storm.

I'm on this low calorie, no carb diet this month, so my food/drink options are severely limited.  As a result, I've found myself increasingly interested in food...crazy how that works, huh? My cousin said it best when she said that I was "virtually eating" based upon the amount of food and drink recipes that I pinned to my eats & drinks board over the past 2 weeks.  This past weekend I decided to make three recipes that I found either blog stalking or pinterest: (1) summer strawberry cobbler; (2) honey rolls; and (3) red lobster's cheddar bay biscuits. I baked all three from scratch and they all turned out amazing if I do say so myself! Unfortunately, I did sample the goods, but, how else was I supposed to know if they tasted okay? Fortunately, they were very small samples.  Here are the links to the recipes should you decide you want to play Betty Crocker this weekend (click on the name of the site where I found the recipe to get the recipe):

Summer Strawberry Cobbler (recipe from Fab Housewife):

Honey Rolls (recipe from the pastry affair):

Cheddar Bay Biscuits (this isn't the recipe I used, but it's a less calorie recipe from Eat Yourself Skinny - you're welcome):

and, a picture of a not-lady-like Ella:



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  2. (Had to delete the typo...can't ruin my smarts cred...hehehe) I know because I too have a virtual existence. That's what deprivation does to a girl! I've been virtual baking all week. Can't wait for reality Friday!