Friday, April 1, 2011

Easy peasey Easter banner.

Wanted to show you one more easy Easter decoration I made.  I can't remember where I saw the tutorial, I will have to try and find it - but, they used pink and yellow felt for the lil' bunnies.  I didn't have that, so, I used pink and yellow cardstock paper that I had and made this cute lil' bunny banner:

Also, you can see the stone wreath that I made.  If you remember from quite a few posts back, I posted a stone wreath that I saw from the Craft Envy blog.  I couldn't find the smooth rocks that she used, but I did found some others at DT, so, I used those to make a wreath.  I didn't really have the need for a wreath, so, I thought the bookshelf in my Florida room would be the perfect place to showcase my creation.


  1. Amazing. I love this. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Don't forget to swing by and see my the latest carpet fash and fash read.

  2. Thanks! I have been tuning into your blog - love it!