Monday, April 11, 2011

Phew...what a weekend!

This weekend was all about friends and family and I! Friday night I hung out with my girl Steph...we caught up on each other's lives and had a lil' bit of wine - it was perfect! Lil Miss P was sleeping, so I didn't get to love on her, but I did get a peek of her all cuddled up in her crib...she is beautiful!

Saturday morning, JWP and I got up early and headed up to Tampa to spend the day with Kelly and Hayden.  Kevin and Boone joined too! We had so much fun on our lil' south tampa pub crawl and enjoyed an absolutely beautiful day! Kelly is one of my soul sisters and I love her little boy, Hayden so so much! Here are some pics from Saturday courtesy of Kelly:

Before we left Tampa, we headed over to the Nut' house to visit with Mere, Rick, and Miss Brooklyn.  Umm, I wanted to love on Miss B's cheeks all night...The Nutter family will be staying with us in July and I cannot wait to have that sweet baby all to myself!

Sunday JWP and I slept in because we were exhausted from our Saturday shananigans :) Sunday afternoon we went to a birthday party for my cousins Leila and Bianca.  I love my family and there is never a short of laughter when all of the cousins get together.  All in all, I had a wonderful weekend and I am so thankful for all of the people in my life.  Life is good!

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