Thursday, July 28, 2011

The bad side of online shopping.

So, last week I ordered a couple o' things from VS, 5 things to be exact.  When I got home last night I walked in to see the box o' goods sitting on the kitchen counter. Gosh, isn't it the best feeling to come home and see a package from VS, Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft, or whatever your favorite store is?  So, I quickly opened it up and started looking at my purchases (is it sad that I had actually forgotten what I ordered?) I then began to try things on...umm, let's just say that item #1 was too small, I really think that the size o' cup was obviously mislabeled! And then there was item #2, which apparently isn't a regular old b.r.a., rather its specifically made for halter tops...grr! I couldn't even figure out how to put the darn thing on! I guess in my haste to add things to my shopping cart, I didn't read the description very well - probably just saw "sale" and thought I had to have it.  The next item fit..woo hoo! But, I was so mad about the first two items that I didn't try on the last two items, a dress and some wedges...I guess I will leave those for tonight.  And on top of all of this you can't return VS items purchased online to a gotta send them back via mail...bunk! So, this my friends, is an example of the bad side of online shopping....but, in my experience the good outweigh the bad and don't think for one second I will give up my online shopping!  Happy Thursday, peeps!


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