Tuesday, August 16, 2011

mjd, a to z.

A. age :: thirty-two (meh.)

B. bed size :: queen.

C. chore you hate:: cleaning, period.

D. dogs :: not right now, but hopefully soon :)

E. essential start to your day :: kiss from JWP.

F. favorite color :: turquoise

G. gold or silver :: gold.

H. height :: five.feet.two.and.a.half.

I. instruments you play :: use to play cello.

J. job title :: attorney.

K. kids :: none yet.

L. live :: bradenton.florida.

M. maiden name :: still is davies.

N. nicknames :: m. missy

O. overnight hospital stays :: none.

P. pet peeve :: oh, where do i start...

Q. quote :: "live the lift you want to live. be the person you want to remember. make decisions, make mistakes. if you fail, at least you tried."

R. righty or lefty :: righty.

S. siblings :: nope. 

T. time you wake up :: 7ish.

U. university attended :: florida state university. go noles!

V. vegetables you dislike: green peppers.

W. what makes you run late :: sleeping in.

X. x-rays you’ve had :: leg. teeth.

Y. yummy food :: chicken wings.mexican food. sushi.

Z. zoo animal favorite :: elephants. giraffes.

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