Monday, August 22, 2011

Some much needed craft time.

JWP and I have been spending every non-working minute we have at the house painting, scraping, removing, laying flooring, etc., so by the time Friday rolled around, I was physically exhausted and because of some miscellaneous BS that I was dealing with, I was mentally exchausted too- so, the perfect solution was to spend some time in my craft room.  I jammed out to some "slit my wrist music" (as JWP calls it) and crafted my little heart out.  Here's what I made:

(1) Dollar tree vase brushed with acrylic paint.
(2) Dollar tree frame that I painted and made into a dry erase board.
(3) Dollar tree vase coated with paint on the inside.
(4) Dollar tree vase wrapped in dollar tree rope.
(5) Dollar tree vase mod podged with fall flowers - pretty candle holder!
(6) Dollar tree cookie sheet made into magnetic board for my make-up (see previous post).

(1) - (6) = Happiness!

Happy Monday, peeps!


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