Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend via Pictures.

We had a great holiday weekend! Friday night we celebrated Valentine's Day at Ocean Prime - it was delish! We got the calamari appetizer and it was amazing - it had a sweet and spicy kick to it.  For dinner I got the 6 oz filet mignon with lump crab meet and a side of asparagus.  Justin got a NY strip and the black truffle mac and cheese.  I also got a glass of prosecco and a berry cocktail.  I knew that I was going to go over my daily WW points and have to pull from my activity points, but, I didn't go too crazy.  I wanted to get pictures of the food, but, the tables are really close and, honestly, I felt like a dork taking pictures.  But, I did manage to get this one of JWP and I (in the car and on our way home):

Saturday morning I got up and I was craving some SB.  There is a SB close to my house, so, I decided I would walk up there and get my fix.  I have 2 mile route that I do - so, I did that first and then trekked it up to SB and ordered my tall skinny vanilla latte (2 points!).  Enjoying my SB (notice the cat/dog fight that is about to happen) -

The Cortez fishing festival was this weekend, so JWP and I headed up there and had such a great time with amazing friends! I used a lot of my banked activity points for the beers that I consumed (whoops!) -

We then headed out to a local bar on the island and then hit up downtown for a bit.  JWP was all about giving his serious face all night -

Sunday we headed back to the festival to enjoy the food and look at the art.  We brought Bowden with us and my mom came with us too.  I didn't get any pictures because we were too busy keeping track of Bowden and a hold of our food. 

Sunday night I watched the season finale of Downtown Abbey - holy hell I wasn't expecting that ending! Also, I got in some quality snuggle time with Sophie -

All in all it was a fabulous weekend!

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