Saturday, January 5, 2013


Random thoughts and things from this week:
  1. I just drank a 40oz Pineapple Pleasure smoothie from Smoothie King in one sitting.
  2. I saw a man at Walgreens who was 65+ buying caseloads of 5 Hour Energy - What could he possibly be doing with them? Why would he need them? I really had to restrain myself from asking him these questions.
  3. I'm on a mission to limit the amount of personal emails I receive everyday.  I have been unsubscribing from emails as they come in left and right. It feels good!
  4. I am going to try to refrain from buying any clothing for 3 months.  May not seem like a long time to you...but, for me that's an eternity.
  5. I kind of want to buy Hot Buns...what can I say, I like a good bun.
  6. Oh, and a Forever Lazy. I mean it even has convenient zippers for you to go to the bathroom.
  7. I am super excited about the new show "The Carrie Diaries." It's a show about the young Carrie Bradshaw...I will definitely be watching that show over much objection by the Husband.
  8. I'm not really digging the first book chosen for my Book Club.  I'm hoping there's a lot more wine drinking than book talking at this month's meeting.
  9. I just watched Ella pee in a bag of trash in the middle of the Florida room. At least she stopped peeing on the couches. I'll take a bag of trash any day.
  10. Here's hoping the local honey I picked up at the Farmers Market today helps with my sinuses - sinus headaches are no bueno!

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