Thursday, February 16, 2012

30 day blogging/writing challenge.

I've decided to mix things up a bit and participate in the 30 day blogging/writing challenge - 30 topics/30 days.  Sometimes it's hard to think of things to write this is a great way for me to diversify my blog! Basically I will blog about 30 different topics that are given to me for 30 days. 

So, today's topic is: "Your current relationship."  Ha! Well, I"m sure you all already know this given all of my wedding talk these days, but, I am engaged to JWP.  JWP and I started dating in June 2010, we were engaged in October 2011, and we will be married in November 2012, it may seem fast to some of you all, but, all I can say is that "when you know, you know." It was very natural to love JWP and to imagine my life with him - in the past there were times when I felt like I had to be someone else, or downplay my faults, with JWP, I am who I am and he loves it! (well, probably not all the time) - but the point is I can be myself around him.  He has taken me and loves me for who I am, good and bad.  Yes, we may argue or disagree, or snap at one another, but it is always very short lived and we try not to go to bed upset with one another.  I look at JWP and my heart feels so full to know that I have found "the one" to spend the rest of my life with.  I tear up when I think about walking down the aisle and becoming his wife.  He makes me laugh everyday and I look forward to having him by my side to face life's challenges.  I smile when I think of raising a family with him because I know he is going to be such an amazing dad.  I have so very much to be thankful for - our future is bright!

I believe this picture is a perfect example of why our relationship works - I'm obviously worked up about something, and he is cool, calm, and collected with a smile on his face! ha! Love you, JWP!


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