Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 5 of the Blog Challenge.

Today's topic is "a time you thought about ending your own life." Wow, heavy subject! I've never had a time when things were so bad, or that I felt so hopeless, that I thought that taking my own life was the answer.  It is so hard for me to fathom feeling so hopeless that you think suicide is the answer.  I had a friend that committed suicide when I was in high school - we met in elementary school and also went to middle school together.  By the end of middle school, we didn't really hang out that much because we were in 2 completely "social circles" and truthfully, I didn't like the person that he had become.  We went to different high schools and I actually saw him the day that he committed suicide.  He was in my high school parking lot when I got out and I remember thinking that I just wanted to get home and didn't really feel like walking over and saying hi to him.  I've always felt so bad about my decision that day, I guess I think that maybe if I would have gone over to him, maybe I would have known, or maybe I would have been able to help him. Suicide just doesn't affect the person, it affects that person's family and friends.  His sister found him and I'm sure that there is not a day that goes by in her life that she doesn't think of that day.  I think what I have taken from this experience is twofold: (1) always tell the people that you care about that you love them and (2) be nice to others because you never truly know what that person is going through - it doesn't cost anything to smile at someone!

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