Sunday, February 19, 2012

Days 3 and 4 of the challenge.

Day 3 topic: "your views on drugs and alcohol."

I've known a lot of people in  my life who have passed away as a result of a drug overdose. So, I have seen first hand what a drug addiction does to a person if they are never able to kick the addiction.  Our country is obviously facing a huge problem with prescription pill addiction and the so-called "clinics" and "pill doctors" that are at the root of the problem.. Fortunately, the people of Florida have recognized the problem and legislation has passed and laws have been passed in an attempt to crack down on these places and doctors - but, there is so much more to do.  Drugs in our society are a huge problem and although I do not believe there will ever come a time where the problem does not exist - I think that more can be done to save lives.  

With regards to alcohol, my view is that alcohol is fine in moderation.  Most of us have had those crazy nights where we probably didn't drink in moderation, but, so long as those are isolated events and not the norm, I do not feel that alcohol is a problem.

Day 4 topic: "your views on religion."

My view on religion is simple: everyone celebrates spirituality in different ways. No one person's way of being spiritual is better than that of someone else.  We shouldn't judge another person's spirituality.


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