Wednesday, February 15, 2012

P.S.A. - Ebates, do it!

Do you do a lot of online shopping? Do you spend a massive a good amount of money online shopping? If you answered "yes" to these 2 questions, then Ebates is for you! Ebates gives you cash back on your purchases.  Basically it goes a little something like this: (1) go to Ebates and sign up; (2) whenever the mood strikes you to do a little online shopping, log on to the Ebates website; (3) search for the chosen store or stores; (4) click on the store link and (5) carry on as you normally would.  Easy, peasy!

FYI: different stores offer different cash back amounts and the home page of Ebates has a section where it tells you the stores that are offering the most cash back that week.  It does not cost anything to join and if you do a lot of online shopping like some of us...ahem, me.....then, it's worth signing up for Ebates.  If you don't, you are basically saying "no" to free money and that's just plain stupid! 

Think of how great it will be to tell the significant other in your life who might think you have an online shopping problem that you are actually getting money back by making purchases....what are you waiting for? Sign up!
You're welcome!

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