Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pulled Pork Bites and Beer-garitas? Yes, please.

You all have got to check out the Eat Yourself Skinny! blog - she has amazing recipes that are pretty easy and don't involve a ga-zillion ingredients.  I got the recipes I am sharing in this post from her and they both were tasty and yummy (and JWP approved)!

We took it easy for the Superbowl as I wasn't feeling the best.  However, somehow and even though I was on my death bed (slight exaggeration), I was able to whip up the following: 

BBQ Pork Bites

(mine did not look like this....they didn't have the phyllodough shells, so I had to use the sheets)

Skinny Beer-garitas

(once again, mine did not look exactly like this). 

The beer-garitas are AMAZING!!!! They will be my go-to drink from now on!

What did you guys do for Superbowl? Any recipes to share?


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